Advertising – Survival of the fittest

Advertising – Survival of the fittest

How to make your advertising stand out from the crowd

Every day the average consumer is subjected to between 3,000 and 5,000 adverts.  Advertising is all around us: TV, radio, magazines, billboards, tube, train, bus stations, online articles, social media… and so on.

As individuals, the sheer volume of advertising around us has meant that we have become fairly good at zoning out.  So, as business owners how do you get your adverts noticed?

Obviously placement and targeting is key; but even with this covered you can still be a little fish in a big pond.

My advice to business owners is to look around you and ask yourself two questions:-

  • What has recently caught your attention and why?
  • Were you entertained?

Your feelings will be associated with that brand and this is what you need to look to achieve in your own business.  Be brave – be different.

Adverts that have caught my attention recently include the Harvey Nichols radio adverts (calls to the police as people aren’t recognising loved ones). Genius!  And of course the hilarious Money Supermarket car insurance adverts.

Now you might not have the budget to create adverts like these brands, but you can learn from the messages.  The car insurance company isn’t banging on about what they can do or how cheaply they can do it.  Harvey Nichols isn’t boring us with how wonderful their new beauty lounge is, BUT both adverts cleverly evoke emotions in us to help us remember them.

So take a look around you – what has caught your attention recently and why?  What could you do to join the survival of the fittest?

Advertising - stand out from the crowd