Analysing and understanding your web traffic

Analysing and understanding your web traffic

Analysing and understanding your web traffic
Are you looking to update or re-design your existing website? If so, please ensure you understand how your current site is performing – this will prevent you from re-inventing the wheel. In the excitement of discussing and implementing a new design and content the ‘boring stats bit’ can be overlooked. Unfortunately this is crucial to the future success of your site – if you don’t know how people navigate through your site how can you be sure what you’ve done well and where you need to improve?.

It’s a positive start when you can see a good degree of visitors coming to your website but high traffic doesn’t always mean your website is doing its job. It’s no good directing people to your website if you don’t switch them on immediately by ensuring your content is relevant and your site easy to navigate.

Is your audience stuck to the page?
One of the first things to understand is how sticky your site is. I’m not talking about gooey horrible stuff here… I mean how long do people spend on the page? How many pages do they view? What pages seem to be the most popular? What do you mean you don’t know?

Getting two hundred visitors that read your content, and follow your call to action is far more valuable than two thousand visitors who visit the home page and simply click away because they can’t face searching for what they need.

It’s all about the journey

Knowing what your audience has looked for will help you to develop your website in a more user friendly way. It’s all too easy for businesses to get caught up in explaining their products and assuming what people want or look for. I can tell you from experience that viewing and explaining web stats often leads to raised eyebrows and much under the breath mutterings where people have got it completely wrong!.

There is often a void between how a company thinks people will navigate through their site and how they do. But don’t panic if you’ve got it wrong – this is where you truly start to understand your users and how you can improve your website to retain and engage them.

For a non-technical discussion on understanding your web traffic, why not give us a call and we can set up a meeting to discuss what you want to achieve from your site in 2015.