Are you using images from Google to illustrate your blog posts?

Are you using images from Google to illustrate your blog posts?

Are you using images from Google to illustrate your blog posts, email campaigns or social media articles?

It’s very easy to do a Google search on images and find plenty without any watermarks and no sign of any cost implications for copying and re-using, however, that doesn’t mean that they are FREE to use. In fact it can actually be quite costly if you use an image that doesn’t belong to you and that you haven’t paid for – it’s a fast track to ‘breach of copyright’ lawsuit. Fines can be as much as £2,000 and upwards.

What images can I use?

Obviously there’s nothing to stop you taking photos yourself or using the services of a professional photographer. However, if like me, inspiration to write comes to you at odd times of the day or night it might not be convenient to rustle up that all important shot! So just what do you do? Well believe it or not there are numerous websites that offer free images

Finding FREE (not just Royalty Free) images

There’s no catch to finding and using these websites and images – they all work slightly differently but invariably they will ask you to subscribe to a newsletter to receive a free image a week or they simply request that you give credit to the creator of the image. Be careful to check the t&c’s before downloading anything!

I’ve listed below a few sites that I’ve used before but if you find these don’t give you the choice you need you can look to paid sites. Personally I’m a great fan of istock – they offer a huge choice of images and pricing is very reasonable – you can buy 10 credits for just under £14 and with thousands of images available for 1 to 2 credits you can get a fantastic image for a very small cost and be certain of no copyright infringements!

So go on knock yourself out and find that image that paints a thousand words to support your blog post, email campaign or social post but please do it safely!
Suggested FREE image websites to try:

1. Free Digital Photos
2. Digital Dreamer
3. Big Stock Photo
4. Big Foto
5. IM Creator
6. Free Photos Bank