Google mobile algorithm update

Google mobile algorithm update

Unless you’ve been on another planet in the last couple of months you’ve probably heard about the new google mobile algorithm update for websites – nicknamed ‘mobilegeddon’!. Google gave business owners a couple of months to make changes to their site or get hit hard by the algorithm update.

How does Google’s mobile algorithm affect your business?

Basically any site that isn’t mobile friendly will be downgraded in organic search rankings.

Even though the update came out on the 21st April 15, it is being rolled out in phases so you still have a little time to get ready but don’t be complacent, your site will be affected if you haven’t followed the guidelines.

Not only will you lose organic traffic but you will find yourself groping around in the dark later trying to re-optimise your site and play catch up. Not a great position to be in – we urge you to act now.

On the positive side if you’ve made the move to upgrade your website to be mobile friendly you will get a boost/a little lift above competitors who haven’t! Enjoy your new stats!

My business is still ranking highly without being mobile friendly – why should I invest more money in my site?

Google is the decision maker and you may still see some sites (that are not mobile friendly) ranking quite highly but this likely to be due to numerous search ranking factors – some of it will come down to the uniqueness of the content. We’d say Google is a law unto itself so we wouldn’t recommend relying on what you’ve done to date to save you. Keep up the pace.

Test your website’s mobile friendliness or follow the mobile friendly guidelines.