Data collection compliance – the rules around collecting personal data are changing

Data collection compliance – the rules around collecting personal data are changing

From 2018 the rules around the way in which we collect personal data are changing, however, there does also seem to be a lot of scare-mongering so we have done a little research on the subject and this is what we can conclude so far.

Many organisations will need to make changes to the way in which they collect data from clients/prospects via their website and other digital or printed mediums – it appears this is predominantly about transparency.  If you have collected data in a legitimate way you have little to fear but you do need to check that you have provided sufficient information e.g. why you are collecting data and what you will do with it with clear options how to opt out etc.  If you haven’t collected your data with genuine opt ins (e.g. you have used data scrapes/list purchases etc)…now is the time to clean your act up and start approaching clients/prospects to gain their consent so you can continue to communicate with them.

There are a lot of lengthy articles out in the public domain but I found this simple checklist in a document produced by the Information Commissions office which I think is quite useful for any business owner.  The changes don’t come into effect until 2018 and dates seem to be a little sketchy right now but we will keep an eye on this an inform people as more is known.  However, for now, the following check list is a great place to start – look at updating any privacy policies and terms and conditions where you collect data – be honest and transparent about what you do.  This is all about putting us (as consumers/people) back in control. That’s a good thing isn’t it?

You can access the full document that this checklist came from here 

Other useful documents around the data compliancy changes can be found here

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