Brand Identity

Brand Identity

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What does your brand say about you?

Brand identity goes much deeper than a professionally designed logo and strap line. When you work with It’s Ideal Marketing Ltd you’ll be challenged on your choice of company name, what you offer, your target audience and how you differ to your competitors.

We’ll ask some of the following questions: How do you want customers to perceive you? Do you have a hard hitting sales message or is it a softer more subliminal message?. Is your audience age or gender specific? Do you have a product or service that supports people, educates them, saves them time or money?

Don’t cut corners

We are sticklers for detail and will ensure that our design and messaging for you is consistent across all mediums so your audience will always identify who you are. We can brainstorm ideas for a new company or to refresh an existing company’s brand identity and message. We don’t recommend cutting corners with an amateur logo or in-house produced material – while it may seem like a prudent way to save money we’ve seen it cost businesses dearly in the long term.

Challenging you to think differently

For now, we’d like to challenge you to look at a product or service you buy and ask yourself the following… What does the product look like? What is the message? Why do you buy this product over others? Now compare your product (it doesn’t matter if its not the same marketplace) can you confidently answer the same questions?

Since March 2000, we have helped many businesses create a professional, affordable brand identity that gives their business both visibility and credibility.