Effective Copywriting

Effective Copywriting

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Effective copywriting isn’t about features and benefits

Copywriting should never be underestimated.  Often the closer you are to the business the more likely you are to get bogged down in writing features and benefits about your products or services.  This can make your content heavy and unappealing – often key information is lost in multiple paragraphs of text or bullet points. 

We write to appeal to your target audience – we don’t think like a business owner, we think like your customers do, which means we look to address a need or a desire in them for your product or service.  This is the fundamental difference between success and failure when it comes to professional copywriting.

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We’ve been writing copy for over 25 years and our portfolio includes B2B and B2C services, start-up organisations through to blue chip companies.  We’ve written just about everything you can think of from sales letters to brochures, websites to adverts, direct mail campaigns, blogs, social articles, posters, exhibition graphics and more.  The list is endless.

With all our work we look at the marketing angle first – what makes you different?  Why should people buy from you and not your competitor?  We need to answer this first!.  It’s Ideal Marketing Ltd offers much more than professional copywriting – we challenge how you think about your products and services and trust you will be delighted with how we re-present your messaging across all marketing materials.