Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

What is your marketing strategy?

The devil is in the detail! Before you embark on any marketing activity ask yourself “what is your strategy or goal and is this going to help you achieve it?”

Help with planning your marketing

All too often businesses ping pong from one marketing activity to another without any real focus. Money is wasted on scatter gun marketing activities e.g. one off adverts (it was a good price), leaflet dropping on all products to all customers or prospects on the database with little or no results. We help businesses to identify where turnover will come from and ways in which products and services can more targeted to existing and potential clients.

Quick wins or longer term marketing strategies

We will help you look for some ‘quick wins’ and some longer term strategies. A marketing strategy and plan shouldn’t be complicated – it has to work for your business. Are you looking for a 12, 24 or 36 month plan or perhaps you’d like to work on just the next quarter?. Whatever category your business fits into we can help. We’ve worked with many businesses in the past 15 years from SMEs through to multi-national’s to utilise their marketing budget more effectively.

Whether you want to discuss a full marketing plan or need an hour an hour or two of advice, we will help you to communicate effectively with your target audience and remained focused on your objectives.