Website Project Management

Website Project Management

Website Project Management

Website project management is one our core services. We have a number of specialised marketing, creative and technical people who work closely together to write, design, build and optimise websites that not only look great but deliver results for your business. Where else can you get all this from just one point of contact?

Website Analysis and Improvement

It’s important to understand how users navigate around your website. How did they find it? Where did they come from? What pages interested them most? What actions did they take e.g. did they download a brochure, watch your video, request more information or did they hit the home page and go no further? Believe it or not we revel in the detail!

Armed with this information we can provide you with a detailed analysis of your web stats so you understand what they mean. Our focus is to ensure the site is user friendly and potential customers are encouraged to take action on the site. A website isn’t just for displaying information about your products and services, it’s a sales tool and we’ll help ensure it works in this way.

Website Structure and Copywriting

Web stats often bring about some surprises and lead to pertinent information (which may have appeared deeper in the website) to be brought to the home page. Whatever the stats tell us, our focus is always to improve the customer experience and give users access to the information they need quickly and efficiently. It goes without saying that we will write engaging, keyword rich, content too.

Every business we work with enjoys good ‘organic’ searches within their business sectors and for many we are improving this further with the introduction of organic SEO campaigns, pay per click and social media marketing campaigns to drive traffic to specific landing pages within the website.

Website Design and Build

Once we’ve agreed the structure and content we need to look at the website design and build. Structure and design go hand in hand and we work closely with a handful of web design & build companies who know how to interpret and build upon our ideas to produce some amazing looking sites. Everything we build works across PC, mobile and tablet devices and is built to be standards compliant and search engine friendly.